New York / USA – SCMT 3100 Grahak Cunningham wins & the day after – by John Price

Australia's world class multiday runner Grahak Cunningham won the New York Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile in 43 Days+ 10 hours:36:39 Monday, making him the third fastest performer in the history of the race.  **Not that I know much of anything, but I see this as one of the greatest ultra performances in the WORLD thus far in 2012.  Some race followers opined that after getting up and running all day for 43+ days, Grahak would be out the door for a short run Tuesday, but that is not what happened (see para. 5 below). After some songs in his honor and a cake on Monday, he did trot on for another 8 miles so as to reach 5000 Kilometers.

    He had really been pushing the whole last week, knocking out day-after-day of +-70 miles, and by Sunday evening was a bit dazed and weaving (I know, I was jogging with him).  He had a body rash of incredible proportions, with numerous theories on what created it.  I told him that when you get down to it, intense running like he was doing breaks down the immune system, and this breakdown can manifest itself in many ways. Impressively, he had no lower leg problems or injuries, "just two sore feet," he claimed.

  According to my count, he went through over 17 pairs of shoes during the race, including Mizuno Wave Riders and Enigmas, Asics 1170/2170 and DS Trainers.  These models seemed popular with several of the runners as they offered good cushion and some support/stability.  I conducted a shoe survey during the race, and did not see one pair of five fingers or ultra-light minimalist shoes, even though some "experts" I know (who have never done a road ultra or multiday themselves) swear the runners should have been using such on the unforgiving concrete and pavement.

    I found it interesting that Grahak remarked to me that he "thought it was supposed to get easier when the finish was in sight-- that is NOT the case for me."  He was being hard on himself-- the constant, daily "pedal to the metal" pace he had maintained was superhero-like.  My 7 yr old son Toby said "he should be in the Avengers!"  I also was happy to hear Dr. Cunningham sing the praises of his race-long helper Satyakharma, who had travelled from Melbourne (Aust.) just to help Grahak, and had been at his beck and call around the clock for the whole race.  Hard as it may be to believe to armchair observers, serious helpers have a TOUGH job, one that is as exhausting in many ways as what the runners are enduring.

    Grahak did not go for a run on Tuesday, the day after finishing, but did go to scenic Long Beach (NY) with his brother Ian and friends, where he swam in the warm salt waters and just plain relaxed.  For his world-class efforts at this year's race, he received a tall trophy, several t-shirts, and a certificate for a pair of shoes from a Mizuno rep.  Grahak's victory was covered by press from Australia, Norway, Great Britain and Canada. Your's truly will interview him for ULTRARUNNING magazine.

    MEANWHILE, back at the race, Sarvagata M. Ukrainskyi (last year's champ) is pushing towards the finish, looking to do his last lap early Thursday morning (46 days plus a very few hours).  Also looking to finish in the next few days are Pranjal Martin Milovnik (at 2,927 miles Tuesday night at 10 p.m.), Pushkar Chris Mullauer (at 2,871 miles Tues. night), and Atmavir Petr Spacil (2,804 miles Tues. eve).

    It has been most rewarding to be a part of such a harmonious gathering of world class international runners and helpers this summer.  Sri Chinmoy wrote that "Harmony is the beauty of oneness-satisfaction everywhere."  I am hoping this special spirit of oneness pervades the current London Olympics.

Stay tuned/
Best wishes to all ultrarunners around the globe,

Mark D

by Mark Dorion via ULTRAlist on August 1st, 2012

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