New York / USA – SCMT 3100 My friend Baladev – by Mark Dorion

Sunday evening I got the chance to run and walk with an old friend, Baladev Pavel Saraz of Slovakia.  Always polite and friendly, poor Baladev described in vivid detail all the stomach problems he has endured in this summer's Self-Transcendence 3100 mile (he is a previous finisher and has world class credentials at "shorter" multidays).  I imagine most runners reading this can relate to stomach problems, but imagine that instead of in a typical 12 to 30 hour U.S. event, your intestinal woes were stretched out over 50+ days!

    Baladev was emphatic that "my legs, body have been good, all my problems have been in the stomach and with energy.  I talked a long time with Dr. Kuchal (well-known race M.D.) and he thinks I need to really change my diet.  It is hard to do this right now, but after the race I will try a diet of no sugar, no milk products, no wheat, and so on."   We both noted tht Pradeep, a top runner from he Netherlands and 2011 finisher of the 3100, follows a similar diet.

    While we were speed-walking around the loop in the counter-clockwise direction (the direction I prefer, and feel is easier and with less steep hlls), Baladev opined that "After so many people here all day (Sunday is a busy day in the park), tonight is the quietest night of the whole race, I think."  I have found that any Saturday or Sunday the evenings seem very quiet and still after so many sports games, picnics, and goings-on in the park all day.

    We noted that many folks of middle eastern origin were walking at the eastern end of the loop, either enroute to or from the nearby Mosque,  They may also have been on their way to a late dinner as it is Ramadan.  I have several friends who are world class runners at 5/10,000 meters, and they all agree how hard it is to train and stay hydrated during Ramadan.  I am wondering at how many other U.S. ultras such cultural happenings would take place right on the race course?!

    One other thing Baladev confided in me that I found interesting was that "My Mother did not want me to do this race.  She said it is too much."  At home Baladev is a sales rep. for an importer of Chinese tools and agricultural equipment, and does much travelling around Europe in his company car.

    Here in New York,  he shares a van and tables at the race with old frends from home (also all multi-time finishersof the world's longest race), Ananda-Lahari Roberto Zuscin and Pranjal Martin Milovnik. Ananda-Lahari has been having his own energy and strength problems, while tall, muscular Pranjal just keeps cruising along like a fast-moving battleship.

    Each runner in this super-challenging event has his own story to tell.  For that matter, even regular helpers and spectators at the race have plenty of anecdotes and memories.

    I left Baladev as he expertly slipped off one pair of size 15 wide (!) Mizuno Inspires and threw on a well-worn pair of Wave Riders (no tying laces, just slip on like loafers), got on his bike, and waved me goodnight.  I struggled to cram all his shoes (at least 8 pairs in circulation at present) into one 2 x 2 utility box, and headed to the food tables for a midnight snack.

  "Harmony is the heart's sweetest fragrance."    --Guru Sri Chinmoy

Best wishes to all ultrarunners around the globe, and may we all work towards world harmony.

Mark D

by Mark Dorion via ULTRAlist on August 2nd, 2012

2.8.12 15:53

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