LAVS – July 21, 2013 – Vol State – 240 Hour Update (Final) – Comments

July 21, 9:42 PM EDT

Oh god yes , thanks! I realized the other girls had fallen off my rear end and I could relax a little, I hurt like hell, but I was able to recover a little between stages. Sleep was elusive, most of the time and some stops I spent two hours on feet, hour getting everything untaped and a hour taping back up. In years past I went for days with same tape on. Feet look soooo much better this year and I finished hydrated almost
Thanks so much, for keeping me updated so that my suffering was not nearly what I was expecting!


July 21, 10:02 PM EDT

What a great VolState year, I had one of the best runs of my life and had a great time with some of the best people along the way. I want to thank Carl and Laz for a superb job and Mike Dobies for the tracking. Hope everyone heals fast and can get back out there for what we do best. Run Far.
Sal Coll

July 21, 10:42 PM EDT

Congratulations and huzzahs to everybody who ran Vol State and to Diane, Jan and Marcia!

Somehow I missed seeing any info about Marcia but I see she's done on the tracking site.

Congrats to the guys I missed too: Brian, Joe and Paul!  I'm sure I've missed a few, sorry!  Not that anybody cares but I loved Tennessee, loved having that experience with my daughter.

She made it bearable..  I never laughed so much in my life as I did that week.

Anybody who does this race, however long it takes, 10 days or 3, its a bitch. If I had one word to describe the whole ordeal or anybody who finishes, it'd be respect.

Y'all are hereby bonded together forever as Vol Staters. Which means you have to go back next year and do it again!

All hail the King, Joe Fejes!  Long live the King!

Lynnor Matheney

July 21, 11:34 PM EDT

Amazing!  A 10 day race coming down to the wire!


July 21, 12:45 PM EDT

Well, I didnt communicate a whole lot during the race. My cell phone didn't have much battery life.
I kept informed of everybody's progress...just didn't say a whole lot.
Fantastic journey! Yes,there was suffering involved. But the beauty of the countryside and the hospitality of everyone I met far overshadowed the suffering.
I Gave 100 % every day, until I could literally. No longer put one foot in front of the other. Yes it hurt like hell.  But I can't think of any time that I wasn't deeply enjoying the journey. It was simply amazing.
Congratulations to all who finished. So sorry I didn't get to see the fast guys and gals. I was plugging away in the back.
Thanks to whoever kept dropping packages of fruit loops. I found them when I needed food on an empty stretch of road. Manna from heaven!
Special thanks to Joe and Paul who put up with me for miles and miles. And Jan and Brian and diane--who I leapfrogged and shared food/lodging with. Biggest thanks to laz and Carl for losing so much sleep and watching over us.
I'm on the road by car now, headed home to California.  I'll honestly miss all of you. We have this bond...

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