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Hannover Marathon, May 5, 2013…..Fenny Robert’s Story

Leaving the U.S. on Monday, April 29, 2013, I arrived in Amsterdam, Holland early on Tuesday morning and was greeted by my relatives Joyce and Freek Libosan, Winny and Harm Horeman and Yvonne Siwalette.  It was awesome to reconnect with my relatives and even squeeze in a trip to the windy tulip farm in Den Helder.

Freek was immensely computer helpful for getting information on how to get to Hannover safely by car on Friday, etc. I spent the night at the Thuringer Hof City Hotel where Christian Hottas had made arrangements months in advance for marathoners to reserve rooms.

This marathon was a celebration of Christian’s 2,000th marathon/ultra, so 100 Marathon Club runners were invited to be part of his “A” and “B” escort teams.  Breakfast on Saturday was a time to connect with other marathoners, and I sat with a couple from Denmark.  We shared runners’ diets, methods of running (Chi Running was one) and running stories.  Marathoners are very friendly people.  I had fun meeting Christian, Claudia who lives in Germany but works in Holland, Andreas, Jan and many other German marathoners.

During a training run around the lake that morning I met a couple of Dutch marathon pacers.  Because it was cold, I was wearing tights, a long-sleeved shirt and a windbreaker.  The Dutch runners informed me not to wear a long-sleeved shirt the next morning at the race because the temperature was predicted to get to 80 degrees.  They were right!  Saturday night at the pasta feed we had our pictures taken with Christian.

Sunday morning I wore my black skort, my golden yellow A-team escort shirt and a trash sack to keep me warm until the race started.  Before the race, Claudia and I got rid of our drop bags.  In addition to some dry clothes, mine had the certificate for Christian that Cheri Pompeo from our 100 Marathon Club had sent with me…..and my “German speech.”

Then we headed off to our 8:00 a.m. meeting place with Christian and the rest of the A Team.  Claudia mentioned that they were announcing my name and country.

During the race we saw various historical buildings and colorful houses with gold or red trimming that reminded me of Bend, Oregon.  Many spectators lined the streets, and we were stopped numerous times by photographers and newsmen.  Christian tried to keep the group all running together.  We chatted, shared stories, ate watermelon out of cups, laughed and were running as relaxed participants.  Some German runners would sing “Old McDonald” to me!  There were times we stopped to allow others of our escort team to catch up with us.

During the second half of the marathon Gina Little and Roger Biggs, representing the UK 100 Marathon Club, ran with me at times.  There were many runners from other countries, too, to help Christian celebrate.  

The after-race party included a speech from the city’s mayor.  Following that was my speech in German and the presentation of the special certificate from our club to Christian.  A T-shirt, special pin and medallion had been previously mailed to him.  Roger then presented a T-shirt from the UK club.  There were many hugs, congratulations and a toast before the delicious meal.  Everyone had a good time!  My relatives had accompanied me to Hannover, so we had a chance to visit some more, do some sightseeing and attend an open market sale.

THANKS to all who made it possible for me to attend this celebration event.  Special thanks to Bob & Lenore Dolphin, Jan Stensland, Christian Hottas, 100 Marathon Club North America, WVRR and, of course, my relatives.

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Written by Fenny Roberts, Salem, Oregon, who represented the 100 Marathon Club North America at the Hannover Marathon celebration for Christian Hottas.  She was born in Dutch Indonesia, is proud to be a naturalized American citizen and speaks German, Dutch and English.

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